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Social media is one of our passions at SEO Maintenance, we will fully set up and manage all your social media campaigns and increase your brand exposure

Social Media Marketing

Over the last few years, social media has literally turned the web upside down. You can't even step out of your front door or listen to the radio without someone mentioning Twitter, Facebook and the like. These powerful social media websites, when used correctly, have the potential to make your online marketing campaign suceed, however, used incorrectly and they can break your company in an instant!

When a social media campaign has been done well, it can result in thousands of new visitors exploring your website and giving those all important natural links back to your site in order to gain higher rankings in the search engines, not to mention an increased exposure of your brand and reputation

SEO Maintenance will plan your social media campaign with you and define important polocies and strategies

We can set up your very own company blog and either teach you how to maintain it, or if you would prefer, we can maintain your blog for you

A reputation management service is included in our daily duties which ensures that any negative feedback entered by customers or rogue competitors, is swiftly dealt with to ensure the upkeep of your brand names reputation

We will set up and optimise your online social media profiles for the main social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and make sure your followers always receive healthy and informative information updates to keep them interested in your profile, and help spread the word to increase the number of link backs to your website

Please contact us for further information on Social Media Marketing and we will be happy to discuss the right package for your company

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